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Veneers revitalize your smile so you have gleaming, uniform teeth that look beautiful and natural. At Esthetic Partners Dental Group, the team offers porcelain veneers to patients with discoloration, minor gaps, cracked teeth, or irregularly shaped or sized teeth. Call the office in Ontario, Pico Rivera, Cerritos, Fontana, or Riverside, California to make an appointment to learn if veneers are for you, or use the online tool to schedule today.

Veneers Q&A

What are veneers?

Veneers are extremely thin sheets of porcelain that are placed over your existing teeth to correct smile issues. The porcelain is customized to match your tooth, skin, and tissue color. 

Applying veneers to your teeth improves all aspects of your smile, correcting flaws, enhancing tooth strength, and improving resiliency. 

What types of smile complaints can veneers improve?

Veneers can whiten discolored teeth that don’t respond to peroxide whitening. This includes teeth damaged in an accident or due to certain medications. Other concerns addressed by veneers include:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Poorly shaped or irregular teeth
  • Minor bite misalignments
  • Small gaps between teeth

The team at Esthetic Partners Dental Group works with you to understand your smile goals to determine if veneers or another cosmetic procedure is best for you.

What is the process for getting veneers?

If you decide veneers are right for you, you’ll need to schedule at least two appointments. At the first session, your dedicated provider files down less than 1 millimeter of the enamel surface of your teeth to make space for the porcelain veneer to be placed. 

Your dentist takes a mold of your teeth and sends it to a lab to create the custom veneers. In the meantime, you’re fitted with temporary veneers to protect your teeth and keep your smile looking its best. 

At the second appointment, the veneers are sealed into place using a light-sensitive resin. Your Esthetic Partners Dental Group provider then optimizes your bite and fit so you smile with confidence and radiance. 

How do I take care of veneers?

Veneers look and act just like your natural teeth, only better. The same oral hygiene that you use to care for your natural teeth works for veneers, too. Brush twice daily, floss, and visit Esthetic Partners Dental Group for regular cleanings and check-ups. 

Patients who grind or clench their teeth at night may benefit from a night guard to protect their veneers. 

Veneers naturally deteriorate with time. With good care, they last about 10 years before needing to be replaced. 

If you’re ready to learn more about porcelain veneers and their transformative effect on your smile and appearance, call Esthetic Partners Dental Group to set up an appointment or use the online tool to schedule.