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These are common devices, elastic formations and procedures that are routinely used during orthodontic treatment to achieve a fabulous smile

Class II Elastics

Class II Elastics are used to correct an “overbite.” Elastics must be worn 24/7.

Class III Elastics
Class III Elastics are used to correct an “underbite.” Elastics must be worn 24/7.


Vertical Elastics
Vertical Elastics are used to direct your upper and lower teeth together to get a better bite. Elastics must be worn 24/7.

Midline Elastics
Midline Elastics are used to line up the center of your upper jaw with the center of your lower jaw. Elastics must be worn 24/7


Cleaning Your Teeth with Braces
It is important to brush and floss regardless if you have braces on or not. But it is even more critical to brush and floss with braces on. We recommend to brush at least twice a day, for a minimum of 2 minutes and floss once a day. Not brushing and flossing can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and permanent staining on your teeth.

Flossing With Braces
It is important to floss while in braces. Brushing only cleans the portion of the teeth you can see. It does not clean in between. This will show you how to floss while having braces on. You must floss once a day.


Rapid Palatal Expander
A rapid palatal expander is used to correct a crossbite or to widen the upper jaw to provide more room for teeth.

IPR (Interproximal Reduction)
Interproximal Reduction is needed when we need to make room for teeth to align or to correct a jaw discrepancy. We shave between the teeth and thin the enamel a little. Shaving the teeth a little will usually not damage or weaken the teeth in any way as long as good oral hygiene is maintained.


A Positioner is an orthodontic device that can better align the teeth and the bite. It can also serve as a retainer to correct any minor shifting of teeth after braces are removed.

Expose and Bond
Expose and bond is needed when a tooth is impacted (stuck in the bone). A referral to an oral surgeon or periodontist is needed to help us uncover the tooth and place a chain on it. With the braces, we then direct the tooth to where it originally belongs.

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